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In manufacturing, we have also focused on the practice of develop-and-import.
By merchandising for the entire point-of-sale area, we demonstrate our development capability.


Development cycle chart


In our pursuit for better merchandise, we must make full use of the information gained through customer feedback. We believe that the ongoing examination of “consumer wants” from various perspectives is the clue for making subsequent proposals.



At Yuwa, we work with various manufacturers, and through our joint development of “worthwhile merchandise” that satisfies consumer needs, we are engaged in a broad range of consulting activities, from planning sales promotions for individual products to arranging sales floors. When we develop a product, we conduct thorough market research, based on the principle of identifying consumer needs. We conduct analysis from a number of perspectives, including color, design, form, local needs, as well as benefits for the sales floor and the retail shop. At the concept planning stage, we also make a database from surveys of consumer behavior, from area analysis, and from the various ideas and requests from sales representatives all over the country who have first-hand knowledge of sales floors. This process results in merchandising that meets the needs of customers.
In order to assure efficient manufacturing and steady supply, we started the practice of developing-and-importing general merchandise from China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia in 1967, and from the United States and Europe in 1970. The practical know-how acquired from the many years of developing-and-importing, and from sourcing products overseas, is a major asset for when we develop and plan merchandise. We have also begun developing-and-importing traditional lifestyle products from Europe, and we are now able to make broader and more differentiated product proposals. Through even more robust category management, we believe that we can revitalize our staple merchandise and rejuvenate point-of-sale areas.