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Uniform management system across departments
As a solutions provider, we respond quickly with the power of information.

1  庫内物流管理システム  Warehouse Management System


This new style warehouse management system allows you to access merchandise information from anywhere in the warehouse via handy wireless terminals, without having to carry a host computer, thereby allowing you to do everything from receiving to dispatching merchandise. The Warehouse Management System (WMS), developed by Yuwa, allows for the building of strategic distribution systems that support SCM,with minimal materials-handling equipment.

2  EDI構築  building EDI


We undertake projects to build EDI, which are crucial to SCM. Communication protocols support multiple protocols such as JCA, all banks and FTP. We also have WEB.EDI, and support various data interface such as CSV and XML. (JEDICOS is also supported.)


From an early stage we recognized the importance of information technology, and we started the shift to a uniform management system in the 1980s. So that we could analyze purchases and sales under identical conditions across Japan, we went online with all of our offices nationwide, and we proceeded to establish a client server system. We then built a uniform management system on an AS/400, which enabled the product development, sales, distribution, and accounting departments to freely access information. We also created one of the best systems in the industry that linked a series of operations online, from purchasing, inventory control and shipping to various kinds of accounting. In 2000, we entered a business partnership contract with IBM. Since then, as a solutions provider making full use of our years of know-how in distribution systems together with IBM’s systems, software and hardware, we have been providing a wide range of total solutions for systems. Now there is a need for logistics operations to move on from the “mechanical” age, where there were automated warehouses requiring substantial investments, to the “human” age, where the employment of materialshandling equipment is kept to a minimum and where work sharing is realized through the efficient utilization of human resources. We must now respond quickly to meet the needs of the times, such as high-mix low-volume, and frequent small-lot delivery. So that we can meet these ever-changing needs, we provide proposals on various on-demand services, such as warehouse distribution management systems and thirdparty logistics services.