品質力 事業内容

Our motto is to supply 100% quality products.
We exercise our capacity for thorough quality control in supply chains.

1 商品企画段階 Merchandise planning stage



To avoid repeating the same mistakes, we investigate the past claims on similar products. We eliminate the possibility of problems occurring by conducting thorough factor analyses from various perspectives, such as materials, methods of production, and process flows.


2 製造工程 Manufacturing process



We prevent the occurrence of defective products by providing thorough technical guidance and conducting rigid process management at our factories. Beginning with thorough organization, order, cleanliness and neatness, we raise the level of our management by constantly going back to the principles of manufacturing, and following them faithfully.


3 商品出荷段階 Merchandise shipping stage



We have achieved preventive quality control, by conducting quality checks at every process at our distribution centers. In the unlikely event that a defective product is found, we immediately disclose the information and work to quickly resolve the problem.

友和品質方針 Yuwa quality control policy



Yuwa distributes household products to the market, which are used by people everyday all over Japan. And so each and every one of our merchandise items must be of good quality and must be dependable. We set up QC Department to specialize in quality control. Their mission is “to prevent accidents before they occur”; and “in the event an accident does occur, resolve the problem as quickly as possible”. The merchandise we handle goes through quality checks run by public agencies before shipment. For develop-and-import products, at the factories overseas, we provide guidance on production processes and perform quality checks prior to shipment. We also strive to prevent claims arising by not accepting any products that do not reach a certain level of quality check. Furthermore, we have quality control managers at our distribution centers, who perform quality checks three times: when incoming products arrive, when they are stocked, and when they are shipped out. This multiple check system prevents any defective products from being shipped to retail stores. Currently, as a further measure for preventing the occurrence of defective goods, we are working with manufacturers to implement quality improvements, we are rising above corporate boundaries and taking up cases of defective goods with manufacturers, we are sharing information, and we are developing an industry-wide system to avoid the recurrence of similar mistakes. By adopting a similar cooperative structure with individual retailers, we are providing reliable and good quality products, and this is an added-value of our company.